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August 2005 I moved to a home known as 24XXX Cruise Circle Dr. Canyon Lake, CA. 92587. In February 2007 I purchased the home. In 2010 my mortgage company GMAC Mortgage sold my home loan to PBR Asset Management. David R. Wehrly is the President of this company located at 2015 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Redondo Beach, CA. 90278 and 319 Main St. El Segundo, CA. 90245. Mr. Wehrly works out of both offices.

My home was not in foreclosure or a distressed property. I was current on my home loan. PBR Asset Management only reason to purchase the home was to foreclose and flip. When the home loan was first sold to PBR Asset Management sent one of their representatives to my home and asked when would I be moving. I said this home was purchased as a retirement home and I had no plans to move. I was informed PBR Asset Management didn’t want the home loan and I was to look for another loan or get a family member to help pay off the loan.

For the next couple of years PBR Asset Management hired mortgage service companies that specialized in foreclosures.

In April 2012 my home loan was now to be serviced with BSI Financial Services in Titusville, Pennsylvania. I made all my house payments with a Bank of America cashier’s check and sent it all payments UPS 2 Day Air so BSI Financial Services would have to sign to receive cashier’s checks. My first payment to BSI was April 2012. The cashier’s check was received and cashed followed by May 2012 payment received and cashed.

After a couple months I started receiving several calls per month about my payments not being made. I was current and I have a record that they received and cashed my payments.

Approximately December 2012 a representative for BSI called to review the payment time line of when I sent the cashier’s checks. It was confirmed that was payments were current up until December 2012 all checks had been received and cashed and my escrow account for money to pay property taxes and insurance had more than enough reserved. I was told by January 2013 I only needed to pay the actual house payment. From April 2012 to November 2013 I was current on my home loan.

My payment owed for December 2013 was returned to me approximately 30 days after I sent my cashier’s check. At that time I was told by a representative of BSI Financial Services the mortgage service company hired by PBR Asset Management that the cashier’s check was returned because it had the wrong account number on it. At that time I had already sent my cashier’s check for the January 2014 payment and approximately 30 days later that cashier’s checks was returned.

I was current on my home loan with PBR Asset Management and the only reason why my home loan began to no longer be current because PBR Asset Management and BSI Financial Services refused the true amount I owed for my loan asking tens of thousands of dollars to keep my home or they would Default on my home.

My home of 10 ½ years was just auctioned off February 17, 2016 due to the failure of PBR Asset Management and BSI Financial Services failing to correct their accounting errors and their errors of adding penalties that were not owed and failed to help resolve this issue especially in a timely manner other than them pay tens of thousands of dollars. The last request pay them $93,000. Doing the right thing since PBR Asset Management is a lender that immediately once the accounting errors were addressed and they were aware the missing house payments were actually made any payments that they refused should have been put at the back of the loan and then let the homeowner make my house payments.

I am a senior citizen and this was to be my forever home. I have done as much as humanly possible including hiring an attorney and filing a lawsuit but PBR Asset Management and BSI Financial Services keep providing everyone including the courts false documentation. I have done all the steps to try and keep my home of 10 ½ years including a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to even repay over a 5 year fees that I don’t owe but willing to do just to keep my home but their attorney prevented the filing of the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy so the home could be auctioned off.

PBR Asset Management needs to do the right thing. The home was auctioned off to another investor that plans to just flip the home. PBR Asset Management needs to refund the funds because the investor that bought the home at auction on 2/17/16 is not happy with the circumstances. The payments they refused they need to put the amount at the back of the loan. Because time is of the essence and they failed to correct their mistakes in a timely manner because all missing payments were accounted for prior to them refusing the house payments. They should give a current interest rate not the 6.5 it has been at.

I just hope this story can help a consumer out there.

This person wrote the review because of problems with payment of home loan from Pbr Asset Management and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $407000 and wants Pbr Asset Management to "wedgewood dba pbr asset management needs to do the right thing. the home was auctioned off to another investor that plans to just flip the home. pbr asset management needs to refund the funds because the investor that bought the home at auction on 2/17/16".

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Becarful with this company

Wedgewood the owner is Alan Dettelbach lawyer

The achichincles are

Olivia Reyes Latin

Manuel rodriguez Latin

Jonathan rios. Latin Working together with Duke partners.

to Anonymous #1122389

What do you know?


Victoria Clark

909 660  7229

February  14, 2016

We  called our  payments  into BSI  every  month  last year to  be  sure  they  came  out  via  ACH on  our  bank statements.  (Hmm  at  B  of  A.)  I actually  sent the  statements  for  the  whole  year  and  they had  the  audacity  to  look  them  over  with  me  on  the  phone  and  say they  weren't  there.

I am so angry  about  the  legality issues  with this. Im looking  for  ways  to  bring  them  down.

They  forced  us  into  forclosing  by  sending  back  our payments  t o  us  after  we  proved  we  had  made  the  payments. Who allows  mortgage  payments to be sent back.

Now  were  in  arears  and  cant ever  catch up  due  to  all  the  payments  we  claimed  we  made  and they  denied. They  also charged us  legal fees and  they  say they'll  get us  some  help.

I  have  called  the  HOPE hotline  here  in  California I've  already  read  enough  about  all  the  claims  being denied  by  Riverside  County.   They helped me fill out paperwork for mdification and sent it to BSI It  seems  to  me  that  its  to  much  of  a  coincidence  that  B  of  A  sells  alot of these  loans  to  BSI  and that  Rive rside  County  has  denied  all  these  claims. It  seems  to  me  it  would  be  in their  (B  of  A and  Riverside  County)best  interest  to  look  into  BSI  themselves  before  they  get  hit  with  a conspiracy  charge.

Ive also wrote to the county attorney for Riverside.  They sent me a form to send to the mortgage fraud unit.    you  can  email  me  at Victoria C lark I update: We are applying for a modification to cover the missed payments they claim are missing.

 But BSI has to approve the modification.  Yeah.

We've been denied on the phone and no paper work to prove it.  Just like they never sent statements even after written request from us.

to Anonymous #1121847

Currently there is an investigation with the Bureau of real estate in California and the Riverside County DA's Real Estate Fraud Division. For more information you can email me at in the case about the Cruise Circle home the investor that purchased the home at auction 2/17/16 has told the next door neighbor he'll give Craig $5,000 to move.

Craig made every payment until the BSI and PBR refused the payments. It was a retirement home that he owned for 10 1/2 years and now he is over 60 years old.

No he is not moving for $5,000 dollars so the *astard lender can buy more airports, buildings in Nashville, send his sons to UCLA and Vanderbilt College and for his Manhattan Beach home go to France and Italty to buy antiques and natural stone. Everyone will know the truth you *other *ucker!

Riverside, California, United States #1118384

Good to know where $390,000 collected from the senior citizen's auctioned off home went:

During college visit to Vandy, L.A. investor snaps up Broadway building

Feb 23, 2016, 2:35pm CST Updated Feb 24, 2016, 11:59am CST


PBR Asset Management is Wedgewood Inc. dirty little secret.

They try their best to hide this corporation. They brag about Wedgewood Enterprise Maxim Properties Greenhedge Escrow and owning Hawthorne Airport Hawthorne Airport LLC.

and they certainly don't want the public to know about this from the Bureau of Real Estate Los Angeles:


Surprised that your attorney couldn't put it right. There are a lot of 3rd party payment processors that screw up payments.

Usually the 3rd parties are simply another "arm" of the lender. When that happens, most judges determine that the ruse is up.

Why didn't your attorney go in ex parte or prepare a motion to prevent the sale of the home? Your bankruptcy attorney should have had an inkling as to what was going to happen and solicit help specifically for this reason. Try Advocate Legal in Los Angeles.

It's close to you and they have experience doing this. There are many other law firms as well... Good luck!

My advice, don't move!! They will offer "cash for keys" etc., but it's just to go over the headache of getting you out.

You need a better attorney!

The property is already sold, so unfortunately you didn't jump in time.

to Anonymous #1117969

It's that they have very good attorneys. Once they refused payments all the legal steps were taken.

They keep dragging it out and the judge allowed them to. All that was filed. You say didn't jump in time, it was done immediately. When the 1st payment is returned in January 2014 even though the name was on the check they said incorrect account number.

30 days later they said more than 60 days late so they will not accept anymore payments.

Payments were reviewed and each time another person returned call and knew nothing. That's when an attorney was called and brought into the picture.

to Anonymous #1117971

April 2012 and May 2012 were cashed but not logged in. 2 other payments weren't logged in but were received and cashed.

Each communication was a different missing payment.

They returned 2 cashiers checks for December 2013 and January 2014 and said they will not accept anymore payments unless thousands more then were owed would need to be paid or they would do a Default in March 2014. They would not make any type of settlement other than pay tens of thousands of dollars not owed at once.

to thetruth2016 #1122144

text me at

i am in the middle of the same thing and would love to compare notes

Victoria Clark

Banning CA

to Anonymous Riverside, California, United States #1122149

Do you mean email?

to Anonymous Port Hueneme, California, United States #1142704

Left comment as anonymous but used your name in the

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